Procedures & Services

Routine Eyecare

  • Comprehensive eye exams
    • For glasses and full assessment of ocular health including dilated exam.
    • Annual eye exams are extremely important in maintaining your best possible vision, and also to detect eye diseases including cataracts, glaucoma before they become serious.[ Your Health ]
    • Many systemic conditions can also be detected during an eye exam including diabetes and high blood pressure. [ Your Health ]
  • Contact lens exams including specialty fittings
    • Soft lenses.
    • RGP's, bifocal, toric lenses.
  • Pediatric exams
    • Both Infant and children
    • First eye exam is recommended at age 6 months, then 3 years, and again before school to ensure proper development of your child's eyes and to rule out early signs of common eye diseases. [ Your Health ]
  • Emergency services
    • Including red eyes, trauma, foreign body.

Specialty Ophthalmology Services & Surgical Procedures

  • Cataract evaluation and surgery. [ Your Health ]
  • Glaucoma treatment and related surgical procedures. [ Your Health ]
  • Retinal and Vitreous disorders including diabetic eye disease and macular degeneration and related surgeries including laser treatments. [ Your Health ]


  • LASIK is currently the most common type of laser vision correction procedure.
  • It is an extremely effective procedure that is suitable for low, moderate, and higher prescriptions.
  • We offer free consultations for Lasik.
  • For more information and appointments please contact us at either of our offices. For further information about Lasik visit


  • Visual field testing
  • OCT
  • Corneal topography
  • Pachymetry
  • Fluoroscein angiography
  • Specular microscopy- endothelial cell count

Cosmetic and Oculoplastic surgery and procedures

  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery of the periporbital and facial tissues including eyelids & eyebrows, cheeks, orbit, and lacrimal (tear) system.
  • Procedures include cosmetic enhancement and reconstructive care following trauma or the removal of a tumor.