Contact Lenses - On-Line Ordering

For your convenience Urban Eye M.D. Associates has contracted with an on-line contact lens distributor to make your on-line ordering of contact lenses as easy for you as possible. Though we love it when you come to see us, you can avoid coming to the office by having your contact lens orders sent directly to your home.

When you complete your contact lens fitting with the doctor, our office staff will get your email address, sign you up with our on-line distributor and you will receive an email with your login information. Your prescription information will already be set up in the system... all you have to do is sign in and order your contacts!

Or, at your convenience you can self-register by visiting our online distributor's website and signing up at

Why Order Contact Lenses On-line?

  • Convenience
  • Order anytime 24/7, reorder reminder emailed to you
  • Simple - No need to search for your prescription
  • Availability - Risk free quality and prescription expiration reminder
  • Value - purchase a year's supply and save
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee